A Book I Wrote The Art of Being a Mutt

In this episode, I discuss my last book, Michael's Mind. I've found myself returning to the ideas as of late with new perspectives, more appreciation, and overall some fresh takes on it. I spend a few short minutes discussing some of the ideas and hash out the main plot with aims to entice you to check it out. If anything, I had fun talking about it, and maybe you'll take something away from the episode.  Order Books – Words-N-Stories (philipcottingham.com)Tune: Mozez-So Still – YouTubeSupport the show (https://ko-fi.com/philipcottingham)
  1. A Book I Wrote
  2. Earth: She's What's for Dinner
  3. Something Self-Righteous
  4. Musick N’ Talk (Covid Edition)
  5. An Old Southern Woman
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